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So, You Want to Adopt a Dog?

Overview of Shelters

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, and when you finally decide it is the right choice for you, it can be a daunting task to go out and adopt one. If you are in Edmonton, Canada, there are some good, reliable adoption places that are good ways to meet the perfect dog for you. You must adopt from a safe shelter because not all shelters have the same morals or values. Not all shelters treat their dogs the same.

It will be a lengthy task to find a dog that fits your lifestyle. Don’t be disappointed if you have to visit many adoption sites throughout Edmonton, and multiple times. They will have different dogs, different breeds, and you will have to make sure that the dog will suit you and will be happy in your home.


Best adoption sites near Edmonton Canada

There are three main animal shelters in Edmonton, Canada, all with different animals and different values. Each has a goal of finding the right homes for their animals, but they all want to make sure you can provide a stable and reliable “forever home.” This is exceptionally important for any good animal shelter.

  • PAWS for Life Foundation- Located on William short road, it is in driving distance from most places in Edmonton and pretty easy to get to. This is a nonprofit animal rescue, and they tend to take in neglected and abused animals. PAWS wants to make sure you are in this for the long haul because the animals they tend to take need more attention and more work than other dogs may need. The people who work for the business will not only make the time to get to know you, but they will allow you as much time required for you to find your best friend.
  • Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue- Despite the name of this company in Edmonton doesn’t only focus on cats and dogs. They focus on any animal that needs a home, if an animal is in need, no matter what breed or species Infinite Woofs will help rehabilitate them. They will put all of their efforts into rehabilitating the animals and finding them the perfect home for them. Infinite Woofs is located on 160 street NW. Across town from PAWS.
  • Hope Lives Animal Rescue- The owner founded this business in 2012 because she had noticed in Alberta Canada, there was an overpopulation of dogs. They focus on dogs in need, and now they have spread their efforts into other territories as well. This company will not only take the time to get to know you and your specific needs, but they will also watch you interact with the dogs to make sure it is the perfect fit.


How to find a reliable adoption site

Finding the right adoption site requires a lot of research and effort on your end. Will you be okay with a kill shelter? Do they lock the animals up and never walk them? Will they overcharge you, only focused on the money end of it? Believe it or not, there are a lot of places that do end up using animals for profit and not to actually help them. This list gives the best tips to find a good adoption site near Alberta, Canada. You will want to make sure you know exactly what to look for in a shelter or adoption place.

  • History- If they have a website and reviews, if you have heard of your friends and family talk about this site or agency, it is more than likely a legit business. If there is no website and they come to you, it could be a bad sign. A friend of mine from had an experience where they had contacted him off his craigslist ad and it turned out they were selling very badly bred English bulldogs so it’s important to be aware of these dangers.
  • Take a look- If you ask to see their dogs and the deny you it is probably because they are putting them in dangerous areas and not taking proper care of them. Any reliable adoption site will allow you to not only see the dogs but also interact with them.
  • Process- If the adoption process is too easy or not long enough, they are more focused on making a dollar than if the fit is right. Any legit business in it for the animals will explain that the adoption process takes a while because they want to make sure it is the best fit. Anything else would be a lie.
  • Paying extra- If they tell you anything concerning the dog’s health will cost more to do it is a scam. All legit adoption agencies will neuter and spay as they get the animals. They will also complete any of the necessary procedures for the animal’s health before you ever even meet the dogs. If a company asks for more money to do one of these, it is a scam.
  • Transparency- When a company is in it for the dogs, they tend to rescue the dogs from wrong places, and they are very open about where they get their dogs. If someone lies to you or isn’t upfront about where the animals came from, it is a sign of bad morals.

There are many more things to look for, but these are the main traits of a bad adoption site. It is incredibly important that a place is treating the dogs right, and giving you the correct amount of time to get to know the dogs. If this does not happen, it may be best to back away from that company.


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Benefits of adopting from a shelter

There are many ways to adopt a dog, but adopting from a shelter has some apparent benefits. You will be clearing up space for other animals who need to be saved. The dog requires a good home, and you can provide that. Most of the time, adopting from a shelter is much cheaper for you. An animal shelter is focused on finding the right dog for you and finding the right home for the dog, they are not focused on money. This can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.


Final thoughts

Owning a dog isn’t for everyone, and a lot of these shelters focus on all animals in need, not just one species. Adopting an animal from a shelter will save hundreds of lives. It is an incredible chain reaction; once set in place, it will continue to change lives. Finding the right shelter can seem like daunting work, but it doesn’t have to be. In Edmonton, Canada, there are beautiful shelters with the right attitudes, and they will help you make this an experience one that you will never forget.


New Rooms for New Pets

Why do you build a new addition or a new room to your home? Is it because you simply wanted an upgrade? Is it because your kids need to have their own rooms? Is it because your animals require additional space to relax and unwind?


Well, a married couple from Vancouver hired Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations to build a new addition to their home for a unique reason – for them to be able to accommodate and welcome more dogs into their family!


Lisa and Mike Green are avid dog lovers that they have adopted many dogs over the years. Even before they became a couple, both Lisa and Mike has been keen on taking care of dogs in shelters – advocating for the adoption of dogs from shelters and volunteering to help in any dog-shelter related work.


Being married for seven years and having six adopted dogs, they have realized that they need to extend their home if they want to adopt more dogs in the future. Once the home addition project is completed, they can take in even more dogs from shelters.


They are our family, and we want to make them as comfortable as possible. We also have plans to adopt more dogs in the future, so this is a really great decision for us.” Lisa said.


This couple isn’t the first ones to decide to have their home renovated for the sake of their pets. There are thousands of homeowners all over the world who opt for home extensions in order to place more, bigger kennels for their pets.


Aside from having home additions built, there are some homeowners who even have special dog showers built, or a stylish dog gate added to their homes. And these renovations aren’t just for pet dogs – some pet owners have suites built especially for their cats. And if that’s not enough, countless homeowners invest in high-grade furniture for their pet dogs or cats.


Lisa and Mike are a perfect example of how compassionate people can truly be – especially for those who they care about so much.

Common Type Of Health Issues That A Pet Dog Faces

One of the essential steps to caring for dogs is to provide proper nourishment and daily health care to make sure that, they are free from general health problems. It is true that, like different dogs, they need specific health care. In order to avoid pet emergency, you need to take a preventive approach to the dog care.

Dogs are the same as humans, they also get sick if they face the adverse situation. As an owner, you should take proper steps to ensure your pet’s health in proper condition. Although such type of health issues is common and sometimes minimal, you shouldn’t underestimate them to avoid future consequences.

  •         Poisoning

This is one of the common health problems that maximum pet dogs face. According to doctors, there are two types of canine poisoning one is chocolate and the second one is antifreeze. If your pet found poisoned, it may lead to severe issue for your beloved pet. Different daily used food components like grapes, raisins, and lilies need to be kept out of reach from your beloved dog. When you are aware of your poisoning effect in your dog, make sure that he is in an inaccessible place where no one can touch him.

  •         Flea infection

No matter, whether your dog loves to stay indoors or outdoors, but flea infection can be possible with a little mistake and it can make other members of your family unhealthy. This type of infection is known as the most common type of infection among pet dogs and they get more typical in warm and rainy seasons. At the present time, there are a number of products have been innovated to get rid of fleas.

  •         A kennel cough

Such type of health issue is same as a common cold issue like humans. It often causes due to airborne viruses those are mainly infected your pet once and then it goes to their throat along with bronchial passages. It is also contagious through the other dogs. This is the reason, if you have more than one pet, it is more important to make him healthy all the time. If you plan to board your dogs while on vacation look for someone who does boarding at their home to help prevent the spread of kennel cough such as

  •         Ear infection

The ear infection is known as one of the most important and common health issues with pet dogs. According to veterinary doctors, this is one of the challenging diseases that maximum pet dogs face. According to them, pet owners need to follow preventive measures those are more effective than treatment. There are a number of levels of ear infections can be found in your canine pets and it will be best to access the symptoms before heading out to properly treat them.

To keep your pet healthy and cheering always, you need to be aware of his health. It is important to do so in order to get rid of various health issues.

Signs That Show Your Dog Is Healthy

Any new pet parent will have apprehensions about the health of their dogs. Their dogs might show different actions and quirks than normal sometimes. This puts a doubt in the pet owner’s mind regarding the health of the dog. You should take your dog to a veterinarian for routine checkups and annual blood and urine analysis and fecal testing. Apart from this, the following are some of the signs that let you know that your dog is hale and healthy.

  •         Clean and shiny coat

The healthy dogs will have a shiny and clean coat. This is because of the shedding of the hair and the natural oils. The healthy pet does not require regular bathing as it will not smell bad. If you find your dog to be scratched, licking or chewing on the skin, then it is a sign that it has some skin irritations or allergies. If this problem persists even after a bath, then take it to a veterinarian.

  •         Fresh breath and rosy tongue

If your dog has a clean smelling mouth and clean teeth, then it is very healthy. Clean teeth mean that there is no tartar buildup and the guns and teeth are clean. If the smell of the dog’s mouth has some rottenness to it, then it might be suffering from tooth decay. It is always better to carry our routine dental check-up of the dog’s mouth to detect tooth issues early.

  •         Smell free and clean ears

Any veterinarian checking a dog will first look at its ears. If the ear is clean and does not have any foul smell, then it means that the dog is healthy. There will be no wax buildup, discharge or pungent smell. The dog’s ear gets dirty and cleaning it will help in keeping the ear infections at bay. The clean ears ensure that the body temperature of the dog is normal. If you suspect foul smell of the dog’s ears, even after cleaning, then it is better to get it checked by a veterinarian.

  •         Alert and playful dog

If your dog is playful, engaging and loves to be in your company, then it is in the pink of its health. If you find changes in its normal behavior, then getting it checked by the pet doctor is advised.

How To Choose A Teacup Dog For Your Home?

There are several factors that come into play for teacup dog breeds. At the outset, one needs to find breeders they can trust and know that they sell healthy puppets only. When we talk of teacup dogs this is usually a variation of toy dog breeds. They are undersized toy dog breeds. Puppies that are premature are also known as teacup puppies. In certain cases, they have delicate health and are prone to different kinds of health problems.

Factors to look out for

Even if you opt for a teacup dog, ensure that it comes of the average weight that is right for its breed. When dogs are bred or manipulated to produce smaller sizes then such breeds usually have health problems much more and have a limited lifespan as well. It is also important to know that teacup dogs are not recognized by the registered authorities for pets. It is important to choose a breed that has naturally small dimensions. When you are selling a premature puppy as a teacup dog, you will end up with a pet that would have several health problems and would not be easy to look after.

Toy breeds are named such as they can fit into teacups and even when they grow up they remain tiny even then. The dogs have small sizes, but they are healthy and have a lifespan that is comparable to medium-sized or larger breeds. Common toy breeds are Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, Poodles and others.

When you are choosing a dog, ensure that you research and choose a breed as per your preference. The temperament of dogs differs as per their breed. Hence, some dogs require more attention and care while others are more independent. Certain dog breeds are harder to train while others are more obedient. In certain cases, dogs showcase more aggression than others. Pomeranian puppies usually require hands-on training as they can develop annoying habits more easily. Children also need dogs that would get along with them. They need to be healthy and should be able to handle teacup breeds with care. Usually, children tend to be rough with puppies and that can make them dangerous for teacup dogs. Such dogs can be injured or killed if they are roughly handled. In certain cases teacup dogs need to be fed with care, often with hand or need to be kept on a liquid diet.

What To Look For When Getting A New Dog?

There are a wide variety of dog breeds on offer. The diversity in dogs dates back to prehistoric times. They have distinct families or breeds and most of the dog breeds are from their wolf ancestors. If you check out on the internet about the number of dog breeds available now, you are in for a surprise. There are over 400 different dog breeds offered all over the world. Apart from this, there are also lots of mixed dog breeds that get bred and attain a new name. Hence, if you are looking to bring home new dogs, then you need to make an effort to decide on which type of dog breed you want.

Choose dog breed depending on the size of your home

If you do not have enough space in your home or your backyard, then choosing small sized to medium sized dog breeds is the best option. You can look at buying Dachshund, Pomeranian, Pug, Pekingese, Silky Terrier, etc., that do not need much space and are friendly dogs. They are the best when you have small children in your home. If you have some backyard space and also have space to keep a kennel, then you can think of buying medium sized dogs. Some of the medium sized dog breeds are Bulldog, Boxer, German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Goldendoodle, Labrador, Alsatian, etc. They are friendly to their owners and are a bit ferocious to the outsiders. They can guard your homes and keep the thieves and robbers away. They are also playful and can give good company to your small kids.  

Know the dog’s traits and characteristics

Each of the popular dog breeds will have their own characteristics and traits. They would not be similar. Hence, you need to research online on the dog traits for the breed you intend to buy. You should find out if they are suitable for your home or not. This will help you to make a better decision. If you are looking to go for high-end breeds and larger breeds, then they need lots of space. These need a half hour to forty-five minutes walk every day. They love to play vigorously and are not ideal for homes that are not spacious and have children. By gathering enough information about the traits and the characteristics of the dogs, you can choose the ideal dog breed that suits your home.