Signs That Show Your Dog Is Healthy

Any new pet parent will have apprehensions about the health of their dogs. Their dogs might show different actions and quirks than normal sometimes. This puts a doubt in the pet owner’s mind regarding the health of the dog. You should take your dog to a veterinarian for routine checkups and annual blood and urine analysis and fecal testing. Apart from this, the following are some of the signs that let you know that your dog is hale and healthy.

  •         Clean and shiny coat

The healthy dogs will have a shiny and clean coat. This is because of the shedding of the hair and the natural oils. The healthy pet does not require regular bathing as it will not smell bad. If you find your dog to be scratched, licking or chewing on the skin, then it is a sign that it has some skin irritations or allergies. If this problem persists even after a bath, then take it to a veterinarian.

  •         Fresh breath and rosy tongue

If your dog has a clean smelling mouth and clean teeth, then it is very healthy. Clean teeth mean that there is no tartar buildup and the guns and teeth are clean. If the smell of the dog’s mouth has some rottenness to it, then it might be suffering from tooth decay. It is always better to carry our routine dental check-up of the dog’s mouth to detect tooth issues early.

  •         Smell free and clean ears

Any veterinarian checking a dog will first look at its ears. If the ear is clean and does not have any foul smell, then it means that the dog is healthy. There will be no wax buildup, discharge or pungent smell. The dog’s ear gets dirty and cleaning it will help in keeping the ear infections at bay. The clean ears ensure that the body temperature of the dog is normal. If you suspect foul smell of the dog’s ears, even after cleaning, then it is better to get it checked by a veterinarian.

  •         Alert and playful dog

If your dog is playful, engaging and loves to be in your company, then it is in the pink of its health. If you find changes in its normal behavior, then getting it checked by the pet doctor is advised.