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New Rooms for New Pets

Why do you build a new addition or a new room to your home? Is it because you simply wanted an upgrade? Is it because your kids need to have their own rooms? Is it because your animals require additional space to relax and unwind?


Well, a married couple from Vancouver hired Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations to build a new addition to their home for a unique reason – for them to be able to accommodate and welcome more dogs into their family!


Lisa and Mike Green are avid dog lovers that they have adopted many dogs over the years. Even before they became a couple, both Lisa and Mike has been keen on taking care of dogs in shelters – advocating for the adoption of dogs from shelters and volunteering to help in any dog-shelter related work.


Being married for seven years and having six adopted dogs, they have realized that they need to extend their home if they want to adopt more dogs in the future. Once the home addition project is completed, they can take in even more dogs from shelters.


They are our family, and we want to make them as comfortable as possible. We also have plans to adopt more dogs in the future, so this is a really great decision for us.” Lisa said.


This couple isn’t the first ones to decide to have their home renovated for the sake of their pets. There are thousands of homeowners all over the world who opt for home extensions in order to place more, bigger kennels for their pets.


Aside from having home additions built, there are some homeowners who even have special dog showers built, or a stylish dog gate added to their homes. And these renovations aren’t just for pet dogs – some pet owners have suites built especially for their cats. And if that’s not enough, countless homeowners invest in high-grade furniture for their pet dogs or cats.


Lisa and Mike are a perfect example of how compassionate people can truly be – especially for those who they care about so much.